Presenting PIRL research at IASP’s World Congress on Pain in Boston

Mo PIRL.png

Mohamad Fakhereddin (PhD student) presented a poster abstract on a project that he worked on with supervisor Dr. Dave Walton about the Traumatic Injuries Distress Scale (TIDS). Mohamad presented his poster at the International Association for the Study of Pain 2018 World Congress on Pain, in Boston. The TIDS is a self-report questionnaire comprised of 12 items intended to measure the experience of post-traumatic distress and predict recovery. The TIDS has three subscales: negative affect, uncontrolled pain, and intrusion/hyperarousal. The main objectives of the study were to identify trajectories of recovery in a longitudinal cohort of people with non-catastrophic injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system, and to identify cut scores of the TIDS that best predict recovery trajectories. Mohamad and Dr. Walton’s findings showed that the TIDS can predict whether a patient will experience rapid or prolonged recovery from disability with 97% accuracy. Furthermore, the scale showed potential in predicting similar recovery trajectories in pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression (≥85%). Mohamad, along with Dr. Walton, were interviewed by Pain Medicine News to explain their findings and highlight the importance of this revolutionary prognostic tool. Click here to watch the video! You can also read the full article here for more information.