A string of luck for the PIRL researchers

The Pain and Quality of Life Integrative Research Lab is excited and proud to congratulate the following lab members in their recent successes:

Josh Lee (PhD candidate) was recently awarded an Earl Russell Trainee Grant ($10k for one year) for his project exploring gut microbiotic changes over the first 6 months in people following acute musculoskeletal trauma and pain.

Ryan Power (Research Assistant) has recently been offered a research administration and coordination position with the Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Research Network (PI Joy MacDermid) that will see him move to full time on campus.  We're pleased that he'll be able to continue working with the PIRL as well.

Dave Walton (Director) was the successful applicant from the Faculty of Health Sciences for the Western Teaching Fellows program.  This title comes with $10k/year for 3 years and additional money for protected time for conduct of research on education.  Dave will be exploring and evaluating the development and delivery of a competency (mastery)-based interprofessional non-thesis Master's program in Interprofessional Pain Management at Western.

Dave was also awarded a grant from the Bone and Joint Institute at Western ($15k for 1 year) along with co-investigator Jim Dickey (biomechanics) to further development of a VR-based immersive road traffic collision simulator to allow highly sensitive exploration of startle and other reactions to 'virtual' trauma without actually damaging any tissues.  Dave was also co-investigator on another pilot grant (Aaron Price PI, Ana Luisa Trejos co-I) to allow development of smart wearable fabrics for evaluating neck impairments and behaviours.

Stacey Guy (PhD candidate) also recently successfully defended her comprehensive/candidacy examination for which she argued in support of inclusion of individual clinician heuristics and team dynamics into implementation science frameworks for translating new clinical practice guidelines in pain and other conditions into actual change in clinical behaviour.

Congrats to all members of the lab for their accomplishments and ongoing successes!