Congrats to Dr. Swati Mehta!

PIRL PhD student Swati Mehta (co-supervised by Drs. Dave Walton and Eldon Loh) successfully defended her thesis entitled "Predicting Response to Medial Branch Blocks: A Clinical Decision Making Tool".  Swati presented 3 studies in her thesis: 1.  An exploration of the contribution of patient demographics and clinical signs to neck-related disability, 2. An exploration of the ability of cognitive and psychosocial factors to explain chronic neck disability, 3. A clinical decision tool to predict response to medial branch blocks for neck pain.  Dr. Mehta made her supervisors and lab-mates proud with an outstanding defense and we're excited to see the results of her next academic steps.  Starting later this year she will be off to University of Saskatchewan to begin her post-doctoral work exploring the effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy for pain delivered through an online platform.

Congratulations Dr. Mehta!