Recent News from the PIRL

Dr. Theo Versteegh has recently made news for his new TopSpin360 device, a new neck training invention that he believes may have application in neck and concussion rehab.  He has recently been profiled in the London Free Press and on CBC Radio One's Ontario Morning with Wei Chen.  Continuing this string, Dr. Versteegh also recently won the London TechAlliance's 'Techcellence Award for Innovation' for his invention.  Congrats Theo and here's to continued success!

PhD Candidate Swati Mehta has recently been announced one of the co-winners of the Lawson Health Research Institute's Leadership Award 2016.  Established in 2002, the Leadership Award recognizes motivation, integrity, critical reasoning and scholarly aptitude in trainees.  Swati will be presented the award at the Lawson Impact Awards Dinner and Gala in April.  Congratulations Swati!

PIRL Director Dr. David Walton was one of nearly 40 co-applicants on a successful Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) grant in Chronic Pain offered through CIHR, totaling $12.5 million to be shared across a network of researchers from the east coast to the west.  Dave also recently received word of a successful grant that will provide some funding for select graduate students and research support personnel through 2021.

And speaking of support personnel, the PIRL is pleased to announce the hiring of its first Research Assistant.  Mr. Paul Phares will serves as the RA focused on the SYMBIOME longitudinal databanking project for at least 6 months (we're hoping to keep him longer, wink wink).

Onward and upward!