Congratulations to Dr. Theodore Versteegh

It is with great pleasure and considerable pride that the Pain and Quality of Life Integrative Research Lab announces the successful thesis defense and degree completion of our first PhD student Dr. Theodore (Theo) Versteegh.  Dr. Versteegh did himself, his lab, and his supervisory committee proud as he presented and defended his thesis entitled "Development and Initial Validation of a Novel Neck Strength Assessment and Neuromuscular Training Protocol".  His projects included the development and testing of a portable handheld method of assessing neck strength including reliability and validity, and a pilot study of the effects of training football players on a new neuromuscular training apparatus on strength, coordination, and concussion risk.  Despite it being still early days, it seems Dr. Versteegh has a promising area of research to develop as he matures into an independent researcher.

Congratulations Dr. Versteegh!