Welcoming New Members

We are excited to welcome four new students into the PIRL family. Below you will find a quick introduction about each one of them.

Joshua Lee

  • a Ph.D student from Calgary
  • background in Basic Science will help him pursue new research directions in the biology of chronic pain

Caroline Wang 

  • a work study student currently in her fourth year of completing a Bsc degree at Western
  • interested in pursueing further schooling in an area of the health sciences including physiotherapy

Tyler Beattie

  • a high school co-op student working three hours a day with Dave untill the end of January
  • an avid hockey and volleyball player (look for him in the NHL in about 5 years)

Nordeep Panesar

  • a fourth year student in health science
  • conducting an independent study under Dave's supervision in which she will review common theories behind health behaviour changes and how they have been applied to type II diabetes management