Professional Development survey for Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physical Therapists - How do you like your PD?

This survey is being conducted as a collaboration between the MACP and Drs. Dave Walton PT PhD (Western University, Canada) and Dr. Jim Elliott PT PhD (Northwestern University, United States).  Many Continuing Professional Development surveys attempt to capture previous behaviours by asking questions pertaining to modes of CPD undertaken in the past.  Very few surveys have attempted to understand the valuation methods of potential CPD offerings that PTs may be considering in the future.  We believe the PD landscape is changing thanks to new technologies that offer broader reach and improved accessibility, but that there will always be a place for in-person class- or lab-based PD options.  This survey will give us and other CPD providers a better sense of where PTs currently sit in this shifting landscape.  The results of this survey will be used specifically by members of MACP to ensure they are being responsive to the desires of their membership when it comes to planning and delivering CPD.  Responses will also be combined with a previous survey of primarily Canadian and US Physical Therapists run by Drs. Walton and Elliott as they attempt to capture values that will facilitate development of better and more engaging PD opportunities.  The results will also be shared on this page, accessible to anyone who wishes to better understand the values of physical therapists as they weight CPD options.  Please share this link with your colleagues.

Please note this is not a formal research study at this time.  By clicking the link below your are providing your consent to have your responses included in the cumulative group mean data.  Your responses are anonymous, only the collated mean responses are available to anyone including the owners of this survey.  The survey includes 10 questions with an anticipated time to completion of less than 10 minutes.

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Who are we?  Neither Drs. Walton nor Elliott are affiliated with the MACP.  Dave Walton is an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy and Health and Rehabilitation Science at Western University (Canada) with interest in CPD, and is the owner of David Walton Rehabilitation Education, Consulting and Research through which he offers occasional CPD for clinicians.  He is a certified Instructional Skills Workshop facilitator for teaching skills development, past-Chair of the Professional Development Task Force for the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and currently an executive member of the Education Special Interest Group of the International Association for the Study of Pain.  James (Jim) Elliott is an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy and Human Movement at Northwestern University, an Honorary Senior Fellow of the University of Queensland (Brisbane) and Affiliate Professor with Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland).  He has 1/3 ownership in Pain ID, LLC, a private for-profit business conducting independent medical evaluations for people with chronic pain.