NDI-5 Application

First of all, extra special thanks to high-school co-op student extraordinaire Tyler Beattie for putting this app together.  Once again, this is for Android smartphones only (sorry iOS users, Apple makes it really tough for us occasional and non-paid app developers to work with their platform).  This is for the NDI-5 as described above.  The app has two functions: First, patients can complete the NDI-5 directly on the smartphone, after which the app will auto-calculate the total raw score, the linearly-transformed score, and the raw score needed for a clinically significant linear change to occur, which is probably a more accurate reflection of MCID than change in the raw score alone (subject to debate I acknowledge).  The second function is where the patient complete the NDI-5 in paper form, and the clinician just wants to enter the total score and get the target raw score for clinically important change.