The field of concussion research is moving quickly these days, driven largely by semi-regular stories of athletes, young and old, amateur or professional, who have had careers (or in some tragic cases, lives) cut short as a result of acquired brain injury during sport. Many researchers are exploring the phenomenon of concussion, including preventive measures and recovery, from many different angles. Members of the PIRL are exploring the connection between the neck and head injury, and the phenomenon of concussion-like symptoms arising not through a single large impact but rather several smaller impacts over the course of a playing season in youth female soccer players. One of our former PhD students, Dr. Theo Versteegh, has even started a spin-off company based on his thesis work exploring the effects of a neuromuscular control neck training protocol on risk of concussion. These projects are exploring person- and context-level factors that may influence both risk of, and recovery from, concussion.